How negative incidental affect influence on customers’ perception and forgiveness


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This research is built on service failure literature and examine how customers’

unrelated affect can effect customers’ perception and forgiveness when they meet

failure in a service. To investigate this, data were collected from customers who have

experienced the service failure in last 6 month ago. We used paper-based

questionnaire and we collect 220 data. The Results shows that incidental affect

(affect that is unrelated to the service failure) has an effect on customers’ perception

and behavior. In addition, we investigate the mediating role of perceived severity

between incidental affect and customer forgiveness. The findings suggest that higher

level of incidental negative affect can increase the degree to which the customer

perceive the severity of the service failure, and it can decrease the degree of

.customer forgiveness

Keywords: service failure, forgiveness, failure severity, incidental affect, customer




Iman Gheisari is a Ph.D. candidate in marketing field at Sharif University of

Technology. He received his BSc in industrial engineering from Isfahan University of

Technology and his MBA from Sharif University of Technology. His research

interests focus on service failure, service recovery, customer engagement, UGC and

FGC. Currently he is researching on the customer forgiveness In the face of service


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