Relationships of Stressors and Opportunism in Cross-border Intrafirm and Interfirm Partnerships: When and How Monitoring Matters



ارائه کننده:  دکتر قاسم زعفریان، استاد دانشگاه Leeds

زمان: چهارشنبه 13 مرداد  ۱۴۰۰ ساعت 14:30 تا 16:00

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Transaction costs economics work has long observed that monitoring procedures are needed to evaluate the extent to which overseas partners comply with obligations. We posit that the transactional theory of stress can also inform on how to distinguish opportunists from non-opportunists. Synthesizing these two theories and using a three-study, multimethod design, we examine whether different types of stressors influence opportunism, and how and under what conditions such links are moderated by monitoring. Based on separate surveys of 209 Chinese subsidiaries’ and 232 Chinese suppliers’ cross-border intrafirm and interfirm partnerships, respectively—in conjunction with an add-on experimental study—the results suggest challenge and hindrance stressors impact opportunism differently; with the former exhibiting a U-shaped, and the latter a positive, relationship with opportunism. Monitoring steepens the U-shaped challenge stressors–opportunism relationship in intrafirm (not interfirm) partnerships. It however weakens the positive hindrance stressors–opportunism relationship in interfirm partnerships, specifically. The findings inform managers on when and how to use monitoring to control challenge and hindrance stressors’ links to opportunism in these different cross-border partnerships.


Dr. Ghasem Zaefarian is an Associate Professor of Marketing at Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds, UK. He received his BSc and MBA from Sharif University of Technology, and his PhD from Manchester Business School. He earned his PhD in marketing on the interplay between business relationships and business strategy. His research interests focus on business marketing, international marketing, and services fields of research. His research has been published in many journals of international repute including Journal of world business, Long Range Planning, International Journal of Operations and Product Management, Industrial Marketing Management, and Journal of Business Research. His works are also regularly presented at leading academic conferences across the world.

Dr. Zaefarian currently serves as an Associate Editor of the Industrial Marketing Management journal and is on the review panel of several leading Journals as an ad hoc reviewer. His classroom teaching and doctoral supervision work spans several areas of services and B2B marketing.


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